Legos Days I – 2014

1st Workshop on Interactive Systems with Auditory Feedback

March 18 & 19 2014, Ircam, Paris

The goal of this event is to foster discussions on current research on interactive systems with auditory feedback,  which is carried on by an emerging community among people coming from computer science, audio processing, neuroscience, rehabilitation and sports.


Tuesday, March 18th 2014, Studio 5, level -2

9h30                   Welcome

10h – 10h45        Eric Boyer – Sylvain Hanneton – Frédéric Bevilacqua
Ircam-CNRS-UPMC, UMR CNRS 8242 Université Paris Descartes
The Legos project sensorimotor learning with auditory feedback

11h00 – 11h45   Floris van Vugt
IMMM Hannover and CAP lab in Lyon,
Auditory feedback in learning, re-learning and over-learning of motor regularity.

11h45 – 12h30   Questions and general discussion—–

14h00 – 14h30   Eric Boyer – Sylvain Hanneton – Frédéric Bevilacqua – Olivier Houix
Ircam-CNRS-UPMC, UMR CNRS 8242 Université Paris Descartes,
Demos, work-in-progress and introduction to discussion themes

14h45 – 15h15   Ana Tajadura-Jiménez
Laboratory of Action and Body, UCLIC, University College London,
Sonification of surface interactions: Influences on body sense, surface perception, behavior and emotion

15h30 – 16h00:   Etienne Thoret,
Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique (LMA Marseille)
Auditory perception of drawing movements: when motor cues shape auditory cognitive processes.

16h00 – 17h30:  General discussion

Wednesday, March 19th 2014, Ircam Paris (Studio 5)

General discussion

Venue and address

Ircam, 1 Place Igor Stravinsky, 75004 Paris


Eric O. Boyer, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Carole Tan (IRCAM)